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All your investment needs in one place 

Local & Global Equities

Pick your markets. Get access to stocks from all over the world. Competitive rates, global access, and a client driven experience.

Real time stock prices, market watch screens, advanced chartings, portfolio analysis tools, trade history, live portfolio valuations.


Trade Derivatives

Trade derivative instruments to unlock more value.

  • Hedge against price fluctuations

  • Transfer of risk

  • Arbitrage trading

Who uses derivatives?

Any investor with the correct knowledge and guidance could benefit from derivatives trading. Derivatives traders can be segregated into four major categories: hedgers, speculators, margin traders, and arbitrageurs. 

Custodian (Coming Soon)

Hold customer securities in behalf of the original owner. 

Act as a fiduciary for the original owner. 

Performs dividend and interest payment collection and distribution, transaction settlement, tax support, forex and brokerage account administration. 

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